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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

 August is here and that means Hobo Spider mating season is around the corner.!


Here are a few helpfull hints to help prevent these and other foraging Spiders from gaining entry into your building.

1st) Don't panic, not all large brown colored Spiders are Hobo Spiders. Grass and Wolf Spiders are also active right now.  

2nd) Keep the perimeter of your building free from trash, wood piles and overgrown weeds.

3rd) Have regular Pest Control treatments (Spider Barriers) applied to the exterior of your building.

4th) Check for open gaps at your exterior doors. Add Door sweeps or weather stripping to help keep insects out.

5th) Put out glue traps (espeially in your garage) to catch any spiders that do make their way into your home

Posted by philc at 8/6/2013 8:47:00 PM
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