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Apr 01

If you've been to our website in the past, you've probably noticed that we've updated our site. We're still working on it but have the new website (in process) up and running.

We would appreciate any feedback, suggestions, etc. from you.




Mar 23

This time of year many different types of Birds are starting to build their nests on man made structures. If this start's to happen on your building, now is the time to get this taken care of. 

Once the birds have completed building the nest, the egg laying will begin. 

Many times we get calls from customers about a bird nests in or on their building. We inevitably end up telling them they'll need to wait until the Birds have finished raising their young and "kicking' them out of the nest befoer we will do anything. Meanwhile, the Birds continue to make a mess below.

If you see this starting, please call us right away to get a head start on it.

Mar 17

Last week I re-visited the Odorous House Ants because it is the most active pest right now. We are actually getting calls now for all three types of ants we deal with here in the Valley. They are the Odorous House Ant (OHA), Pavement Ant & Carpenter Ant.

One thing I forgot to mention, which applies to all three Ants is please don' t spray the trails of Ants with an insecticide. Even though the spray you have says that it controls Ants, it will probably make it more difficult for a professional to solve you pest problem.

If you have a trail and have to do something before a we are able to get out to you, please just wipe up the Ants with a wet paper towel and flush them away - Thank you



Mar 09

Right now, as we're heading into Spring, the number 1 pest we're seeing throught the Treasure Valley is the Odorous House Ant (OHA). 

Prior to Winter, this small black Ant may  have moved it’s nest into exterior walls of buildings. Their nests can be found around plumbing where hot water pipes emit warmth. Like most pests, winter also decreases the OHA's food sources, so whether they are being drawn inside for warmth, or managing its dwindling food sources, the Odorous House Ant will find its way into places like bath and kitchen walls.

Regrettably, OHA's are a difficult pest to eliminate. You'll probably need professional help. Non-specific insecticides don't work and store-bought products won't eliminate this pest. Many of our customers have called us after trying these products.

If you're finding these small Ants in your home or building this time of year, give us a call. We can quickly identify them and get you started 


Mar 02

So it's been a long long time since I've posted anything - Sorry.

I have a great crew that's allowing me a lot more time in the office these days so, I plan on getting back to consistantly writing whatever helpful information I can come up with.

Next week I will start with information on the Odorous House Ant. This is the main call we're getting right now.


Talk to you soon




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