Birds are a common nuisance at one time or another for many businesses and homes. Learn more about how we resolve this problem below.

Bird Control Services

Most commercial buildings will at some time or another incur problems with birds. Their presence is distracting to the building’s image and their numbers can often pose nuisances of all types.

Custom Care Pest Services uses the industry’s most up-to-date tools and procedures to solve your bird problems. We have extensive experience installing various types of control systems specific to your building's needs.

We use netting systems as preventives, and repellant systems that discourage continued roosting, congregating, or nesting. All procedures encourage the birds to relocate on their own.

Our Process

To control Birds on your building, Custom Care Pest Services will need to assess each situation individually. It’s a process of us:

  • Understanding why the birds are there.
  • Identifying all entry points as well as where they are nesting, roosting, and even eating.
  • Installing products to prevent entry or encourage relocation off of the building. These installations can be combined with flock reduction as well.

Bird Control Methods

  • Flock Reduction: Physical trapping and removal of the birds.
  • Bird Netting: Using Bird Netting physically blocks the birds from getting into the area where they have been causing problems. Though not the solution for every situation, it is the preferred method wherever it is possible to as it is an absolute fix.
  • Bird Spikes: Used to prevent larger birds (Pigeons for example) from roosting on ledges, signs, etc.
  • Electric Shock (Jolt) Track: Same as Bird Spikes but less visible and obtrusive.
  • Bird Slope: An installed material that the birds are unable to grab onto with their feet which prevents them from being able to stay on the surface.