Bats may be a troubling guest to discover in your home or business, but they're actually an important part of our ecosystem. Learn more about how we resolve this problem below.

Bat Control Services

Bats are an important and vital part of our ecosystem. They are incredibly helpful at reducing the mosquito population, able to eat more than half their body weight nightly. For the most part bats are not a nuisance, generally staying entirely outside our awareness of them.

However, when a bat moves into a structure, whether it be a home, a cabin or a garage, their presence becomes very unwelcome; often leaving behind unpleasant odors from their droppings (Guano) and urine. In addition, as the bats move about during the day, the noises they produce (scratches and squeaking) can be a bit unnverving.

Because they are a beneficial animal, Custom Care does not aim to harm the bats that have invaded your space, rather, we simply want to evict them. We will evaluate your structure and put a plan together that will accomplish this and prevent future re-entry.