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Odorous House Ants

Since we're deep into winter, it's a good time to talk about a pest that shows up this time of year. It's the Odorous House Ant. You might be thinking, Ants in winter? Yes, and if you're seeing Ants this time of year,  it's usually the Odorous House Ant (OHA). 

In winter, this small black Ant will move it’s nest into exterior walls of buildings. Their nests can be found around plumbing where hot water pipes emit warmth. Like most pests, winter also decreases the OHA's food sources, so whether they are being drawn inside for warmth, or managing its dwindling food sources, the Odorous House Ant will find its way into places like bath and kitchen walls.

When winter's in full swing, and you’re seeing little black Ants near plumbed areas of your home, or running on countertops near faucets, you're most likely being visited by Odorous House Ants.  

Regrettably, OHA's are a difficult pest to eliminate. You'll probably need professional help. Non-specific insecticides don't work and store-bought products won't eliminate this pest. Many of our customers have called us after trying these products.

If you're finding ants in your home or building this time of year, give us a call. We can quickly identify them and get rid of your pest..


Posted by philc at 1/19/2015 9:00:00 PM
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