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Benefits of a Winter Pest Control Application

This time of year, we are asked quite often “You do pest control in the winter?”.

Our answer is yes, and for some very good reasons.

First, there is a common misperception that there is no pest activity during the winter months. This isn’t the case. In addition to the expected calls we receive for Mice, we still get calls all winter long for Spiders, Box Elder Bugs, Sage Bugs, Cockroaches and Ants in the interior of buildings.

So, yes there is a need for corrective insect treatments even during the winter.

Second, our winter applications are very helpful in reducing the pest population that would emerge around your building in the springtime.

Here is how our winter applications accomplish this:

We dust your building’s crawl space (from the exterior vents) with Diatomaceous Earth - an organic long lasting insecticide. This will take care of those insects that have breached the exterior liquid applications and are trying to survive in the warmth of the crawl space.

We dust cracks and crevices around the exterior of your building where insects will try and survive the winter. An example of this would be behind your exterior lighting.

Because insects can successfully survive the winter under organic debris (like leaf litter and mulch), we apply residual granules to the landscape areas around the exterior perimeter of your building. The moisture from the winter rain and snowfall will activate the granules and release the insecticide. The insecticide will work it’s way down through the leaf litter and mulch and kill the insects that are in the top layer of soil. 

These three areas that are treated during the winter application will greatly reduce the emerging insect population round your building the following spring.






Posted by philc at 11/6/2013 6:55:00 PM
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