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Termite Control Services

In Southern Idaho, the one species of termite we deal with is the subterranean termite. It is a soil-dwelling, social insect, whose food source is the cellulose in wood. This could either be the wood in a tree stump or the wood inside your home.

When subterranean termites find their way into your home or building, it is imperative that the termites are eliminated as soon as possible, as the structural damage they can inflict on a building can be devastating if left untreated. Though termite activity here in Southern Idaho is comparatively low to that of other parts of the country, the threat is still present and should not be ignored. These are the three main types of treatments we use against termites:

  • Repellant Liquid Termiticide: A repellant-type termiticide is applied to the exterior perimeter, crawl space perimeter, support piers as well as any possible entry points of the structure. The repellant treatment acts as a shield between the termite colony and your structure. 
  • Non-Repellant/Transfer Effect Liquid Termiticide: A non-repellant termiticide is applied to the exterior perimeter, as well as interior areas where there is evidence of current termite activity. This products works well because the termites do not realize they are passing through it until it is too late. After coming into contact with the non-repellant termiticide, as they share food and rub up against each other in the colony, the effects of the termiticide spreads through their colony. Colony elimination is the goal of this type of treatment.
  • Baiting: Bait stations with wood and cellulose are installed around the perimeter of the structure, which our service technicians will inspect on a quarterly basis. Once there is evidence of feeding by the termites on a bait station, the attractant is then switched with active or poisoned cellulose. The goal of this type of treatment is once again colony elimination as they consume and share the active cellulose.

Custom Care mainly utilizes a non-repellant type termiticide to control your infestation, as it the most effective. In a situation where liquid termiticide cannot be used, or the customer would prefer the use of non-chemical means of treatment, the baiting system is used instead.