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Monday, April 11, 2016

Bird Control has always been one of my favorite areas of Pest Control. So much of what we do in the Pest Industry is repetitive. Depending on the pest, we assess the problem, determine a fix, then duplicate the process.

Bird Control is different.  Each job is different and it requires its own solution.  Depending on the structure, its use, location and sometimes aesthetics, I find bird control both challenging and fun. 

Until recently, Custom Care Pest Services has mainly relied on conventional systems to deter the birds.  We use Netting, Electric Shock systems, Repellant Gels or Installing Plastic Spike along ledges of rooflines or eves.  None of these systems are harmful to the birds. But recently our bird control challenges have taken on newer tech.

The first of March of this year, we installed an automated Laser system, designed by some young guys in the Netherlands.  We also have combined the lasers with a hazing system that dispenses an organic liquid mist over areas where birds roost. The liquid irritates the birds so they leave for other roosting places.  We installed both of these systems in a southern Idaho dairy last month with anticipation but also with our own question, is this really going to work?

Today, as I’m writing this article, it’s been nearly 5 weeks and the reports we’re receiving on our first new installations is nearly 100% success.  Where there were once hundreds of thousands of birds roosting, the birds are now gone!   Our customer is preparing for a second installation in another building.  Of course we’re happy for the business but really happy for our customer.  It’s been several years of working out the right solution that would be cost-wise for them, while also getting rid of their birds. The new systems came at the right time and they’ve solved the problem!

Our future with lasers and hazers looks bright. We’re now able to control bird problems in large, expansive areas like the dairy we’ve just finished.  We’re able to install this effective system without the extensive labor involved with conventional systems, as well as passing those savings on to our customer!

Needless to say, bird is the word!



Posted by philc at 4/11/2016 3:55:00 PM
Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Of all the bird problems to solve, pigeons are the most common pest.   Below is a short list of methods used to control pigeons:

Netting Installation (all Activity):

There is nothing more effective than physically blocking bird pests from gaining entry into an interior space or part of a building. Netting off specific areas accomplishes just that. After the installation is complete, pigeons are blocked from re-entry to nesting, roosting or loafing areas.

Electric Shock (all activity):

Where pigeons roost along building ledges, electric shock tracks are highly effective. The tracks are installed, then activated.  As the birds land, coming in contact with the track, they receive a mild shock, unharmful yet unpleasant enough to force them to find other roosting places.

Bird Spikes (light activity):

Bird Spikes can be installed along ledges.  The spikes are plastic and sit upright on a strip of material adhered to a surface.  The spikes block birds from finding a comfortable 

landing/roosting place, forcing them to another roosting place.

Repellent Gels (light activity):

Where the above bird control methods aren’t practical, repellant gels are an option. Repellant gels are tacky in texture so the birds are repelled by the feel of the material on their feet.  Some repellant gels contain capsaicin ( a pepper plant derivative) which causes a light burning sensation so the birds will naturally leave that area. 

All of these methods are safe and effective  without harm to the birds. They can be used for most bird pests, including pigeons.  


Posted by philc at 1/7/2014 4:10:00 PM
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